homes sold home sale report 804548The Michael Group has over a DECADE of experience and success in real estate. We will provide a PROVEN 5-STEP PROCESS to assure you get the best possible price within the timeframe that fits YOUR NEEDS:


UNDERSTANDING YOUR OBJECTIVE IN SELLING. Your reason for selling and any time restrictions will determine the pricing and marketing strategy to be used.


STAGING YOUR HOME to appeal to the most qualified buyers. We will provide our exclusive 38-point checklist to help you see your property "from the eyes of a buyer".


DETERMINING THE INITIAL ASKING PRICE: Based upon current market data, we assist you in setting the price which will maximize exposure and result in a sale at the best possible price


EXECUTE a multi-tiered, multi-media marketing campaign designed to get the property MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. It will target:

  • The Local Real Estate Community
  • The Real Estate Agents in Targeted Areas in DFW
  • Potential Buyers directly


NEGOTIATING the contract and CLOSING THE SALE: When an offer is received, we will then assist in negotiating the best possible price, based upon our knowledge of your personal needs in selling and our market experience. Once the contract is agreed to by all parties, we will oversee all of the details, providing you regular updates as you move from approved contract to closing the sale.